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You know brands well. You friends consider you to be a real brand expert. You can recognize any company by its logo or even its part? You are mad about hunting the new logos? Or you are a logo addict and collect their pictures? You computer has a logo of your favorite brand on its screen? Then Logos Quiz Game is exactly what you lack in your idevice. The game is specially designed for iOS platform devices and is compatible with iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads requiring iOS 4 or later. To start you logo challenge you can download the game through iTunes for free.

The Logos Quiz Game will introduce you into a world of logo challenge where you can create profiles and set private settings. The principle is rather easy. You will be engaged in the process you are so mad about being exactly just guessing the logos appearing on the screen of your device.

Logo Quiz Answers (Level by Level):

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Level 2
Level 3
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logo quiz answers

logo quiz answers

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However everything is not so simple. The tries to guess a picture are unlimited, besides there are special hints you can use to guess the correct answer and pass a level. But Logos Quiz Game performs its super traps for your every move. Let us start with the simplest trap you can face during the game. Some logos are depicted as full pictures, some of them will be performed to you partially. It means you will not see a full picture as the logo gives the right answer itself.

You can use stars for instant resolve of the level. It means you can star the logo and get the right answer. However the stars are limited in the game. The developers try to make Logos Quiz Game extremely socialized and have enabled it with possibility to tweet your friends for help or ask the facebook community to give you a hint or the right answer. As you guess the asks for help are also limited.

However the most challenging is giving the right answer! Logos Quiz Game provides each level limited in time. It means that in order to get the highest scores you need to give the answer immediately, however the optional answers are not provided and the right name of the logo on your display you should type in the form correctly. If you mess a letter or provide a shortened answer than Logos Quiz Game will mark it as a wrong answer and you will need to correct the mistake. Until you have not guessed all the logos of a level you will not proceed further.

Logos Quiz Game performs you a nice graphic and a wonderful user friendly interface well suited for iPhone and iPad displays. The game does not have any background music (which can be considered as a drawback, however the game goes well with a player launched simultaneously, so you can enjoy your own music). The game enables you to set your personal preferences and save them for your profile.

Logos Quiz Game has recently got the updates. Now the game performs better design, is equipped with new interface and better suits iPad displays. Besides, the colors are better now on retina displays. This version is claimed to be bugs free, though the users claim the updated version unstable. However these are fewer than positive reviews performing a crazy fuss about Logos Quiz Game.

Still the surprises the developers of Logos Quiz Game have prepared for you are not over with the traps the game performs. The game is distributed for free. You can update for free. However a free version will challenge your cash account each time you will need additional stars of hints.

Free version is stuffed with irritating advertisements you are constantly tapping when trying to quickly type in the answer. To stop the advertising you should pay 1.99$ and the irritating commercials will seize of your screen.

A Pro version of Logos Quiz Game provides a player with 15 free hints and 50 stars to ask for the answer. To restore the possibilities for proceeding through the levels you should buy another portion of them.

As average quiz game each level of Logos Quiz Game gets more and more complicated and challenging. You can not think over every issue. Your answer should be flashing. You should concentrate all your skills, knowledge and attention to cope with the game tasks. Logos Quiz Game is a perfect game for real quiz addicts.

The simplest idea of guessing the things of our everyday use has got a super technical implementation with nice and enjoying graphical elements and perfect touch response. The game is so engaging that you will not notice as the hours will pass after you have launched the application for the first time.

It seems that after the completion of all the levels the game will be of no interest for eager players. However each update adds new logos challenging your skills!

Logo Quiz Answers and Solution

logos quiz game answers

logos quiz game answers

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