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As for the Icomania answers at this site you can find all of the right ones. They will help you to manage the task if you have the problems.
Icomania is the free game. Moreover it is ideal for the people who need the game for the language practice. One of these people share with others by his report about this game: “I have been learning English for 2 years and my grammar is good now. But as for the vocabulary, it is very small. When I heard about the Icomania game, I understood that it was not only the good way to make the brains work but also the way to learn a lot of new English words. So thank all the producers for this game, I like it a lot.”

Icomania Answers

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Logical games are created for people who don’t like to press all the buttons without any sense. Here you have to think a lot to finish the game. If you don’t know what the logical game it is better to download for your child, everybody will recommend you the logical games. They are good for the small children or little older ones. Your child will be glad to play the logical game and it will be interesting for him during the long time, so you will not have to worry about your child for this time. But these games are interesting for all the people. Everybody likes to spend some time at work, at university, in the train or somewhere else playing. But usually it is the problem to find the interesting game. Now we are going to recommend you one of them.

A lot of people like various quizzes, celebrities, films, cartoons and brands. A lot of people know the great number of them. Today this love got the name “Icomania”. This “Icomania” love has something in common with the infected disease: it becomes widespread very fast and the majority of people become ill with it. Let’s make the acquaintance with the Icomania game which was created by the popular producer Games for Friends GmbH. If to pay the attention to the game’s interface, you will notice that it has something in common with other games like this one (“Guess the picture!” for example), because it has the similar stylized pictures, the letters for the words’ construction, whose quantity is wrong to make the task more difficult and others. But in this game there are the features too. Usually the games like this are divided to several levels and every level involves several pictures independently on their thematic. In the Icomania game all the themes are sorted: brands logos, cartoons, celebrities and so on. Moreover the theme is always displayed above the picture, and this is very useful for this game’s managing. Why is this useful? Because this makes the searching circle narrower. Look at the one of the pictures where the Statue of Liberty is displayed. So the first words which appear in your brain are “Statue of Liberty”. But it is not the right answer. Now you have to look at the thematic above the picture. This theme is “city”. Now there are not any problems to guess that the right answer is “New York”.


Icomania Answers

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